Get Cash For Your Car


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What kind of cars do you take?

A: We take any Make Model and Year of car, you simply need to call us and we will sort out the rest.

Q: How long will it take to pay me and what form of payment?
A: We would pay you cash or bank transfer to your account or on your hand. We will pay instantly and immediately to you.

Q: Who will take my car?
A: With us, a professional team member will meet you and take the car away. We will pay and one of our professional tow truck drivers will tow the car away if we need too.

Q: What will you pay?
A: At our company we will pay you cash and 9 out of 10, we will beat any quote that is formal and written.

Q: What will happen to my car?
A: Depending on the car, we can either scrap it, recycle it or resell it. We choose the most feasible option.